Bitumen roofing membranes - still recognized standard

Bitumen membranes are still the undisputed front runner on domestic roofs. They are almost something of a traditional commodity. They not only have advantages. What types of bituminous membranes are there, what they serve, where to get them, and what they cost you can read in this article.

Bitumen membranes: glued, welded or nailed

As a rule, at least two layers of bitumen are always laid for roofing. In order to produce tightness, so-called welding tracks are often used as the upper layer, which are heated by a gas burner and then remain connected to one another in a watertight manner.

They can have very different surfaces - such as sand or split sprinkled to make them more resistant. The carrier material is glass fiber fleece in many bituminous membranes.

Fastening options for bituminous membranes

  • Roofing nails
  • Welded to the substrate Schweiß Cold processing, ie self-adhesive
  • Prices for bituminous membranes

Prices depend on the material quality and loading capacity, on the one hand, and on the type of coating on the other - whether talcum sanded or with mineral sprinkling.

The "simple" bituminous membranes are already available for about 2.50 EUR per square meter in the trade, higher cost per 5 meters role then easily once four times.

Tin roofing on the Internet The well-known manufacturer is one of the most proven suppliers for different bituminous membranes.

  • In addition to bituminous membranes, there are also a few other items from the roofing industry
  • There are also different bituminous roofing membranes available from the online building materials retailer.
  • How to save costs

In many cases, it does not have to be expensive special trains - sometimes the simpler version is sufficient. New products, such as EPDM films, can be a real competitor in some areas of application - also at a competitive price.

Tips & TricksIf you want to lay bitumen sheeting, you do not necessarily have to buy a welding machine for it - you can also lend these devices to many markets.

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