Can running shoes be harmful?

Sufficient and regular exercise is essential for our health. Every kind of exercise activates the cardiovascular system and keeps the body fit. A particularly popular way to move is jogging.

Jogging can be easily integrated into the daily routine at any time, without being tied to fixed dates of sports courses or training materials. In addition, the sport offers even more advantages: Jogging is in the fresh air and can individually increase his stamina slowly. However, it is questionable how harmful running shoes can be when jogging for the joints and muscles.

Function of running shoes

Running shoes are available in a variety of shapes and therefore it is difficult to find the right running shoe for yourself. However, jogging can be a burden on the joints and back with the wrong running shoe.

The running shoe has the function to dampen and stabilize the foot when repelled from the ground. He establishes the connection between foot and running surface. The running shoe influences the load on the musculoskeletal system and changes the forces and movements that occur. Therefore, it is important that the running shoe fits the anatomy of the foot as well as the personal running technique. A comprehensive consultation in the specialty shop is highly recommended.

Consequences of wrong footwear

Inappropriate footwear can lead, among other things to back problems or tendonitis. The right running shoes prevent blows in the back and protect the joints.

The human body has a sophisticated damping system with its musculature that is particularly effective when walking and walking. In order to achieve a natural movement while running, the foot must be placed on the middle and forefoot and thus close to the body axis. A running shoe should be designed to support such movement.

Running shoes against pronation

Some runners suffer from a pronation. Pronation occurs when the feet are turned too far in when they occur, which increases susceptibility to inflammation of the Achilles tendon, among other things.

To correct a pronation, specific motion-control running shoes are needed to counteract this problem.

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