Naturopathic: On prescription? Ask your doctor and your health insurance!

Nearly 70 percent of Germans are positive about natural healing. More and more patients are visiting one of the approximately 7, 500 German naturopaths. Natural remedies have also found their way into many GP surgeries. But who wants to be treated homeopathically, should clarify the financing with the health insurance company. Because usually he is dependent on their goodwill.

Natural healing on prescription?

According to the Fifth Social Code, the health insurances have to take appropriate account of "special therapeutic directions", but there is room for interpretation here. Statutory funds usually only pay if the Federal Committee of Doctors and Health Insurance Funds, which has to examine all medical therapies, explicitly recommends the methods. The private health insurance companies often pay without this recommendation.

For example, in the case of acupuncture, health insurers have left a back door open: they can cover the cost of the popular Chinese needle method as part of pilot studies of chronic headache, lumbar spine pain, and joint pain.

Although this procedure is also possible in principle for other medical procedures, it is not practiced. In addition, a licensed physician must prescribe the treatment. The treatment by a healer do not pay the statutory health insurance.

Ask your doctor and your health insurance

  • Ask your health insurance fund for a list of reimbursable therapies.
  • Discuss with your clerk whether the fund will cover the costs in your case.
  • Have your doctor give you a diagnosis and therapy report and submit it to your health insurance.
  • Ask the health insurance company for a written confirmation of reimbursement before treatment.
  • Inquire with the trust pharmacist of your health insurance company, which medicines are paid.
  • Determine if you can participate in a pilot project that will investigate a treatment according to the method of your choice.

Even though the situation in the German healthcare system is currently very tense, there are naturopathic treatments in which the health insurance funds cover at least part of the costs. However, the scope and duration of the reimbursement should always be agreed in advance.

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