What causes a stiff neck?

Pulling on the neck, the head can hardly move, the pain radiates in the shoulder and back. The first impulse: do not move! Inverted, because exercise and warmth are the best treatment for a stiff neck or stiff neck. As much as it hurts, behind a "stiff neck" there are usually muscle tensions and cramps, which arise through incorrect sitting or lying down. These neck pain as well as back pain are probably caused by wear-related processes in the spine and intervertebral discs - a consequence of wrong and too little movement.

Causes of a stiff neck

But muscle tension alone does not cause a stiff neck. Only when cold or drafts come to it, it comes to the unpleasant pain. An example of this is driving in an open car with a sweaty shirt, another example is the open window on a cool night.

What is the exact cause, is not yet definitively clarified. For example, it is speculated that the muscle cramps or microscopic bleeding or cracking arise. This can happen when the muscle is cold and needs to move suddenly.

What helps in the acute case?

In the acute case, warmth and a gentle massage help against a stiff neck. The heat causes a stronger circulation of the muscle. This relieves the pain and minor injuries can heal faster. It is also important to move carefully and not jerkily.

Stiff Neck: How to Prevent?

Almost always, the muscles are underdeveloped for such complaints. In addition to an upright posture, protection against drafts and relaxation exercises, it is above all exercise that helps. Anyone who moves increases the stability of his bones and strengthens the muscles. Even with stronger pain you should not spend a long time in bed.

On the contrary, regular exercise can reduce the pain or, ideally, make it disappear completely. Untrained people should walk for five to ten minutes a day, ride a bike or swim. Absolute Sportmuffel should at least take the stairs instead of the elevator or more often abandon the car and walk.

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