How do I find the right gym?

You want to join a gym to get your figure in shape? Good idea! Before you do that and sign an annual contract, you should go through our 9-point checklist for the right gym selection:

1st location of the gym

Is the studio near you at home? Or is it on the way home from work? Because a fitness club can be so great: If you have to drive for miles to come wist you certainly do not use the studio often.

2. Courses offered by the gym

What do you expect for an offer? Do you want to attend aerobics, Pilates, spinning and quilting courses? Or is it enough for you to have cardio and weight equipment around? Do you need intensive coaching instructions or do you not want to be cared for?

If you just want to iron and do not need a course-Schnick-Schnack, which is well served with a cheap studio like McFit. If you want a great variety of courses, you should go to Fitnessfirst or Elixia.

3. Look at the opening hours

Does the studio even open when you want to exercise? Take a look at the studio's program and see if there are any courses that appeal to you at the times you would like to work out. Some studios are open 24 hours - ideal for night shifters or shift workers.

4. Without or with: Coach check

About 25 to 50 percent of those who join a fitness club, do not go back after a short time. Why? They do not progress with their training, they lack the necessary support. Inquire how many trainers are available in the studio and whether that costs anything extra.

It can also make sense to spend one to two hours with the personal trainer in the studio. This increases the efficiency of your training success many times and motivates you to stay tuned.

5. The fine print: contract details

Read the contract carefully before you sign it. When can you cancel the first time? Is there a minimum duration? Is there an admission fee? What happens if you are sick longer, pregnant or on vacation? Can you get credit for these days? How does it work if, for example, you have a friend or girlfriend visiting and you want to bring them to the training?

6. Qualified personnel?

Where were the trainers trained? What qualifications do you have? Just ask! You pay eventually and you would like to know what you get in return. There are big differences in the training of fitness trainers.

If you have doubts, then check with gym associations (eg DSSV or trainer register) for the respective qualification. Best: You are doing a trial. This is possible in good clubs and is offered free of charge.

7. Wellness area and changing rooms

Let's show you the whole club. Look at the changing rooms, the showers and the toilets. If available then also the swimming pool, the sauna and the solarium. These are all extra services you pay with your membership fee.

Are these "wet areas" hygienic and clean, then reveals you a lot about the quality of the gym in general. Also make sure the changing rooms have enough space. Nothing is worse than being in the smallest space with 20 other women before starting the abdominal, leg and butt.

8. Atmosphere in the gym

Look at the studio for a main training time at the time or in which you would train. Do you feel comfortable with the other people in the studio? Does it fit the age group and the fitness level? The best way to find out in a free trial, if you like the club atmosphere.

It will be much easier for you to regularly go to the gym if you feel well cared for. Someone who wants to work off his bacon after years of abstinence from sports will feel out of place in a round of hobby bodybuilders.

9. Think of extra wishes

Do you have children? Then the ideal club for you should perhaps offer a babysitting service. Would you like to join the gym with your partner? Inquire about special conditions. Do you want to lose weight? Inquire about whether the studio also offers nutritional advice.

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